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The Bows Arts Trio: Bio

The Bows Arts Trio is a primarily acoustic music group that includes Ken Arnold, guitar and vocals; Bill Leon; guitar and vocals; and Mike Weed, bass, guitar and vocals. The trio was formed after band members had performed in various groups with other musicians playing cover tunes in bars, coffee shops, and at private parties. In the early 1990s, band members decided to focus on original material, and at various times over the years have isolated themselves in lakeside cabins and other private locations to write and arrange their songs. The result of their early efforts was “What We Are,” the group’s first CD.

That experience served to fuel more song writing, performing and recording. Each member of The Bows Arts Trio has his own musical style and set of influences that are reflected in the songs he writes. Whenever a band member has a new song, he brings it to the group in its basic form, where it is built with contributions in lyrics, musical twists and individual flavors that make the sound the Trio delivers their sound. Through this process of collaboration and cooperation, a musical blend is created that is both unique and somehow familiar to the listener.

As for the songs themselves, in most cases a strong vocal presence accents the feel of each piece. The songs contain lyrics that can reflect the soul of the composer – and the listener – and that can invoke strong images of life. The chord structures of the songs blend an acoustic feel with hints of jazz, blues, country and other genres, producing soft ballads as well as rhythms that make you move.

The Trio’s second CD, “Reloved,” is the product of an idea born during one of the band’s getaways. The sounds are stronger, and the feel is deeper than the band’s inaugural CD. It comes enhanced with the rich sound of female singer Billie Preston Fredholm’s voice.

“What We Are” and “Reloved” by the Bows Arts Trio are CDs worthy of any collection.

The band is currently playing its original and cover songs in various venues, and working on songs for their third, as yet unnamed CD. It promises to take the feel and sounds of their first two efforts to the next level of creativity and musicianship.